Parker's has your outdoor space covered with over 15 years of expertise in awnings and specialised outdoor shade Installation. Our commitment to providing cover extends to a variety of exterior settings, from terraces and patios to expansive outdoor entertaining areas in both domestic and commercial settings. Trust us to enhance and protect your outdoor spaces with our wealth of experience and tailored solutions.



Folding Arm Awnings

Experience the best of Australian living with versatile folding arm awnings. The climate, ranging from mild winters to warm, hot, and humid summers, makes folding arm awnings the ideal addition to any residential or commercial space. Whether a homeowner wanting to maximise their pool and backyard enjoyment during the summer or seeking reliable shade protection against harsh UV rays, folding arm awnings are the perfect solution. For outdoor establishments like restaurants, cafes, and bistros, investing in a folding arm awning or roof system ensures that guests experience a cool, shaded, and comfortable environment rather than enduring a hot and sweaty one. With over 15 years of expertise, premium products from renowned European brands such as Weiner, Markilux, and Rensen, as well as high-quality Australian-made, European-designed options from Helioscreen, Dalekit, and Aluxor are available to enhance any setting.

External Venetian Blinds

Gaining popularity, especially with the increase in architecturally designed homes, External Venetian Blinds utilize aluminium/timber slats for complete window coverage.

These blinds can tilt from 0° to 130°, offering adjustable light filtration, and retract seamlessly through manual, motorized, or automated control.Whether specified for

external or internal use, External Venetian Blinds effectively reduce solar heat gain, optimize daylight utilization, regulate airflow, and ensure privacy. This makes them an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly shading choice.

Side Retention Blinds

With a broad selection of side retention blinds available for both indoor and outdoor use, we believe we have mastered the art. With our favourites including European

designed Australian-made blinds from Helioscreen and the popular Acmeda Zip screen.

Crafted to manage the entry of natural light, heat, and sun radiation from the outside, outdoor blinds/side retention blinds provide the opportunity to expand outdoor living areas while maximising the advantages of glass and views from the inside. Unaffected by extreme temperature changes, these blinds can be operated manually or through a motorised system.

Traditional Awnings

In the world our outdoor shading solutions, you’re never short of options. from Gear gob and spring loaded straight drop awnings, or S2000 Automatic pivot arm awnings that stand the test of time the 1920 the Shopfront Awning. Dutch canopy or a fixed

Canopy Awning, we’ve installed more awnings than most with our dedicated team of installers.