Shutters are available in timber, polymer, and aluminium, each offering distinct benefits and characteristics. The choice of material depends on the location and room where you intend to install the shutters. shutters not only add elegance and style to your space but also come with a myriad of additional benefits. Discover the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality with shutters for your



Timber Shutters

Timber shutters stand out as the most popular and frequently installed by our skilled team. Our installers are accredited by Norman, ensuring expertise in handling any shutter installation. We offer a diverse range of shutters, including:

Woodlore - Crafted from an eco-friendly Engineered Wood Composite.

Brightwood - A blend of premium hardwood panels with EWC frames, providing an affordable option.

Normandiy - A luxurious 100% premium hardwood shutter with a durable and elegant timber grain.

Trust in a team with over 25 years’ experience to deliver excellence in installing shutters that not only enhance a space but also reflect style.

Australian-made shutters

Australian-made shutters typically feature PVC construction, a durable material with an aluminum core reinforcing each shutter blade. Known for their resistance to moisture, these PVC shutters incorporate clearview functionality, enabling the blades to rotate for a clear 180° unobstructed view. With quick turnaround times, these shutters have become a crowd favourite, and our team is well-equipped to efficiently install them, ensuring your space benefits from both durability and functionality.

Imported Shutters

Imported Shutters are available in both Pre-Painted and After Paint options. Pre-Painted Shutters: An affordable imported product with a quick turnaround time,

available in standard hinged, sliding, and shaped configurations. The pre-painted nature not only speeds up the process but also helps in keeping costs down.

After Paint Shutters: choices from a variety of materials, including:

  • Thermaview: A PVC product with stiles and rails featuring an aluminium core for enhanced durability.
  • Basswood: A versatile shutter suitable for dry areas, available in a range of colours and stained options.
  • Thematic: An innovative blend of materials, combining basswood styles with Thermaview Blades, offering the best properties of both shutters.