Silent Gliss in Sydney

At Parker, we’re one of the top suppliers of Silent Gliss in Sydney. Known for their excellence in window treatment solutions and interior design innovations they have a rich heritage spanning over 70 years, Silent Gliss has established itself as a global leader in the industry, delivering premium-quality products that combine cutting-edge technology with timeless aesthetics.

This world-renowned brand is best known for its extensive range of window covering solutions, including curtains, blinds, and curtain tracks, designed to enhance both residential and commercial spaces. Silent Gliss products are crafted using the finest materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring exceptional durability, functionality and style. The Parker’s team is thrilled to be offering their products to our loyal customers, with an incredible selection of window treatments and professional installation available too.


Silent Gliss' Top Products

Silent Gliss Motorised Curtain Tracks

Engineered for quiet operation, these tracks offer effortless control of your curtains from Silent Gliss in Sydney with precision and reliability, enhancing convenience and comfort in any space.

Silent Gliss Roman Blinds

Combining elegance with functionality, these blinds feature timeless designs and smooth operation, with undeniable sophistication.

Silent Gliss Panel Glide Systems

Versatile and modern, these systems offer sleek and seamless operation for large window expanses or room dividers, providing privacy and style with ease.

Silent Gliss Roller Blinds

Made for optimal performance, these blinds from Silent Gliss in Sydney offer precise light control and durability, providing a sleek and contemporary window treatment.

Silent Gliss Venetian Blinds

Featuring precision engineering and stylish design, these blinds offer adjustable light and privacy control with effortless operation, elevating the ambiance of any room.


Yes, Silent Gliss is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability throughout its range of products. From sourcing eco-friendly materials to implementing energy-efficient manufacturing processes, Silent Gliss strives to minimise its environmental footprint and contribute to a greener future. By striving to minimise its environmental footprint and contribute to a greener future, customers can feel confident in choosing Silent Gliss products, knowing that they are supporting a brand that prioritises sustainability.
Yes, we sell products from Silent Gliss in Sydney that come with motorised systems that are at the forefront of technology, easily integrating with your smart home automation systems. This compatibility allows you to control your window treatments remotely via smartphone apps or voice commands, offering premium convenience and creating a truly connected living environment.
Silent Gliss has established itself as a leader in the window treatment industry due to its commitment to quality, innovation and superior performance. What sets Silent Gliss apart is its dedication to silence – their products operate with minimal noise, creating a peaceful environment in any room. The quiet operation of their products, coupled with cutting-edge technology and sleek design, sets Silent Gliss apart as a cut above the rest.